Griffin+ Breezy

The multi-platform cloud storage proxy server.

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What is Breezy?

Breezy is a project of team Griffin+ that aims to unify connections to various cloud storage services. It improves privacy by encrypting data on the fly. Thus Breezy ensures your data can only be read by you making public clouds a private place.


Breezy is currently under active development, so everything on this website is preliminary and more an aim to achieve than a feature that is already working. Nevertheless, you should get an idea where the journey is going. Stay tuned!

Storage Backends

Breezy supports various storage backends allowing you to store your data at Amazon S3, Openstack Swift, Backblaze B2 or even on a simple WebDAV/FTP account.

Proxy / Standalone

Breezy can operate in proxy mode and standalone. In proxy mode your data is actually stored on a remote storage server. In standalone mode Breezy stores everything locally on disk.


Breezy is designed with security in mind. Any communication is secured using SSL/TLS. Breezy covers various aspects concerning authentication, encryption and obfuscation.


Breezy can be customized to suit your requirements without wasting resources with stuff you don't need.

Open Source

Breezy is open source and depends on mature libraries with a large user base only ensuring a high software quality.


Breezy supports Windows.


Breezy supports Linux.


Breezy features a Docker image. Thus Breezy can be easily deployed to your Docker stack without any hassle.