Project Resurrection

Dec 21, 2019 • Sascha Falk

After a period of inactivity of more than a year, Project Breezy continues. The original plans could not be implemented as we had hoped. However, we are still convinced of the vision of making public clouds a private place and are therefore starting over again with fresh ideas.

The originally planned all-in-one solution does not exist. Instead, there will be separate solutions adapted to the platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS) that use a common component for the core logic. So Breezy will be a drive on Windows and a FUSE file system on Linux. For MacOS there are no concrete ideas yet, because no one of us owns a Mac.

The originally planned proxy mode could be realized by an S3 server connected to drive/filesystem provided by Breezy. A realization with minio could become an option.

Ideas and the interest to contribute are very welcome.

Well then, here we go again!